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Axicon S verifiers—Extra capability, Considerable Customer Benefits

The S verifier makes this quick and simple. Position the verifier slightly above or slightly below the bar code, press the button and move the verifier down through the bar code. The whole motion takes less than a second and in that brief interval and Axicon S verifier will capture 50, 60, perhaps even 100 scans.  Testing the vertical redundancy of a bar code, as required by the ISO specification, has never been faster, easier or more accurate.

Moving the Axicon S verifier down the symbol is not like using a wand across the bar code. There is no learning curve, no user technique, no concerns about a steady, constant speed, none of the inherent inaccuracies of a wand.  The user is moving the verifier down through the height of the bar code; the S verifier is doing all the “heavy lifting” across the width of the bar code, at 100 verifications per second.

Axicon 6525-S

One of the cleverest uses for Axicon S verifiers is at the delivery end of a thermal or thermal transfer printer. The S-range when used on a thermal transfer printer can verify bar codes in picket fence orientation regardless of the number of  bar codes on the label—one across the web. S-range verifiers generate a full ANSI/ISO report for archiving, and write it to a spreadsheet for statistical process control. Along with the Axicon Pause Interface, an Axicon S-range verifier can stop the printer and set off an audible alarm or a light stack when a sub-par bar code is detected. But Axicon S verifiers are also very useful in other ways.

For example, with an extremely small bar code, an Axicon 6025-S verifier makes it unnecessary for the user to struggle to precisely position the verifier over the symbol. Just push the button and move the verifier over the bar code.

Axicon 6025-S

This is also true of heavily truncated bar codes.  Not only is the problem of finding the bar code eliminated, repositioning the verifier to do a ten scan average is no long necessary. The S verifier will easily get multiple scans and reports in just one pass. This a time-saver and you are also assured that you have tested the bar code in discrete locations of the total bar code height. This makes testing much more consequential and the verification report much more authoritative.

The Axicon S verifier is also a time- saver with very large bar codes. A user in a corrugated plant uses a 7025-S to test very large ITF14 symbols. Although it isn’t difficult to position the verifier in the correct place, multiple-scans are essential to test the bar code over its entire height. The 7025-S makes this fast and simple.

Axicon 7025-S

Continuous scanning Axicon S verifiers make it easier to detect subtle but important bar code quality clues. Some bar codes may be good quality at the top and bottom of the code, near the bearer bars. But there could be quiet zone infringements at the center of the bar height due to excessive ink spread. The S-range will spot all such quality variations. If you can’t detect them you just won’t know--but your customer might.

Several very large global retailers and CPG manufacturers have begun specifying Axicon S verifiers to their vendors, because they know how important it is for their bar codes to be thoroughly tested, from top to bottom, not just spot checked on one or two places.  Excellent bar code quality is also very important to them because of their substantial investments in high speed sortation systems in their distribution centers.  When bar codes fail, these investments become liabilities.

Axicon S verifiers are the only linear bar code verifiers that make it this quick and easy to perform full ANSI/ISO verification.  Axicon S verifiers cost only a little more than a standard, static Axicon verifier, but are easier, quicker and simpler for the user. Competitors do not have a comparable product—your reseller margin is protected. Your customer will be delighted—and so will you.

Clients are looking to replace their aging and discontinued verifiers.  Many of them believe that all verifiers are pretty much the same, so they are convinced that the only important differentiator between brands and models is price.  This is most definitely not true of Axicon verifiers.

Consider the Axicon S models. These are continuous-scanning versions of Axicon’s venerable 6000, 6500 and 7000 series static verifiers. With a static verifier, the user positions the device on the bar code and gets one report for each press of the button. To get a 10 scan average, reposition the verifier and press the button ten times.