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October 2013 Newsletter

Axicon videos

Demonstrating a technical device like a verifier definitely helps to land the sale. Video's can help the client see the device in action and understand how it is just what they need--without all the time, shipping, expense and risk of demo equipment.

Axicon S-Range Verifiers

The 6025-S makes it easy to verify small barcodes because the continuous scanning function eliminates the need to precisely position the scan head on the symbol.

The 7025-S makes it quick and easy to very the vertical redundancy of very large barcodes such as ITF-14. No positioning and re-positioning to get a ten scan average--press the button once, move the verifier down through the barcode and done!

S-range verifiers also make it possible to do inline verification when mounted at the delivery end of a thermal printer. These verifiers are perfect for barcodes in picket fence orientation exiting a Zebra or comparable printer.

Axicon also offers a pause interface module that stops the thermal printer if a barcode below the user-specified minimum quality grade is detected.

We have interfaces for many makes and models of thermal/thermal transfer printers with available I/O ports. Contact Codemaster if you need a pause interface for a specific printer.

Axicon IP Verifiers

Recently Axicon has released a new line of IP rated verifier 7015 range. IP stands for International Protection or Ingress Protection, and it represents the ability of an enclosure (such as a verifier housing) to resist anything that may harm it in its working environment.

The IP50 rating specifies resistance to dust and other small particulate from infiltrating and degrading or destroying the functionality of the verifier.

The IP65 rating specifies resistance to low pressure liquid as well as particulate.

IP-rated 6515's or 7015's are perfect for the places these verifiers often work: dusty corrugated converting facilities or food packaging plants where wash down is part of the process.

A few hundred dollars for IP protection can save several thousand dollars in equipment replacement costs.

Axicon Software Help

Axicon has many videos to help users set basic popular functions such as Auto Save of verification reports, Calibration, adding a Job Reference pop-up window, and many more.

Axicon is constantly adding and updating its video library. In addition, suggestions and requests for videos are welcomed from resellers. Let us know if you need a video for a specific customer or situation.

Need additional help?

Call or conference us in with your customer--let us help you land the sale or help resolve a technical question or issue.

John Nachtrieb